Sabtu, 23 Juli 2011

Lady Gaga's Meat Costume

Lady Gaga Performed with Meat Costume

Lady Gaga Singing at VMA

Lady Gaga make an Record cause of her Stranger's self

Lady Gaga is the most unique and strange singer, let saw her costume in this page, she using clothes and accessories from meat . . . From dresses, hair accessories, shoes, until bag, all are from meat, wow really amazing and strange . . .

Who dont know about Lady Gaga? She is an American singer, she is look very strange, from her costume, from her make up, very different and unique . . .

Lady Gaga costume, make many controversy, in one side disagree and other side agree. That girl (right side) is a model who used meat dresses also, we can called this fashion show are using Lady Gaga meat's clothes trend . . .

Lady Gaga Pose with Meat Costume

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